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Hi, I'm Joe

Founder and CTO of ubisend. Proud Father of a beautiful little girl, developer, occasional globetrotter and, time permitting, a keen runner and cyclist.

Hi, I'm Joe

You can find me at ubisend where I work as CTO, spending the majority of my time writing the code the powers our awesome ubiquitous messaging platform.

I specialise in server-side development and enjoy crafting applications in PHP, often opting for the Laravel framework as my weapon of choice.

I have been writing code since 2008 after embarking on a degree in Media Technlogy and Web Development. During my studies, I realised quickly that I got a real kick out of making web pages dynamic and interactive. This led me learn more and hone my skills, which resulted in a first class honours degree. I have been working ever since building new as well as updating and maintaining existing web-based software applications.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing wife and young daughter and when not sculpting code, I enjoy spending as much time with them as possible. I also like to keep fit and travel as much as time allows.

If you want to get in contact, please say hello at hello@joedixon.co.uk