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Hi, I'm Joe

Founder and CTO of ubisend. Proud Father of a beautiful little girl, developer, occasional globetrotter and, time permitting, a keen runner and cyclist.

Building a successful chatbot

1 year ago

First things first, what exactly is a chatbot? A quick Google will give you lots of different answers to this simple question. I have attempted my own definition with the caveat that this fledgeling technology is constantly evolving so this may well be out of date by the time you read it. Here goes:...

Using the MessageSending event in Laravel

2 years ago

Like all core Laravel features, sending mail is made easy and convenient by the clean and expressive API that it exposes.

Publishing resources in Laravel 5.5

2 years ago

I spotted a cool new feature coming in Laravel 5.5, which is going to make working with third-party packages that little bit easier. When publishing third-party resources using php artisan vendor:publish, you will be able to choose which package you would like to publish.

Currently, running the...

Creating a custom queue driver for Laravel

2 years ago

Ever needed to use a queue service not supported by Laravel? No, me neither! However, recently I needed to tweak the config for the SQS driver in order to utilise a couple of the Amazon configuration settings. Unfortunately, these settings are not natively exposed by Laravel, so I decided to build my own driver. Here's how it went.

From idea to beta in 24 hours. Say hello to your PA, Sharon

2 years ago

What is the best use of downtime on a business trip? I guess there is no definitive answer to that question, but I would like to share with you what my colleague, Dean Withey, and I did during a meeting-less 24 hours in India last week.