Publishing Resources in Laravel 5.5

I spotted a cool new feature coming in Laravel 5.5, which is going to make working with third-party packages that little bit easier. When publishing third-party resources using php artisan vendor:publish, you will be able to choose which package you would like to publish.

How Does it Help?

Currently, running the command will publish all resources from every package you have installed unless you provide the --provider="Path\To\Package\ServiceProvider" or --tag="package-tag" flag. This is perfectly fine, but unless the package in use is well documented, it can be tricky to determine which service provider or tag to supply.

Running php artisan vendor:publish in Laravel 5.5 will provide you with a prompt asking you to select which resources you would like to publish from a list of all available providers and tags.

Assets Publishing CLI

Of course, if you wish to publish everything in one go, either use the --all flag or select option 0 from the list. This is a great community edition from Trevor Fitzgerald.

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